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Trading names:
Wiser Academy

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About this provider

Wiser Academy is a fully resourced training centre specialising in professional development mainly for the financial services sector.

A variety of apprenticeship programmes are available through the Academy, ranging from technical apprenticeships i.e Insurance and other financial services standards to management and leadership standards. Furthermore we deliver a range of sales, customer services, business admin and personal development apprenticeships. It is being from the sector that separates us from other training providers - we have the expertise and experience that comes from being a successful financial services broker ourselves.

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Overall rating from October 2018 to now

  • Excellent 7 out of 20 reviews
  • Good 9 out of 20 reviews
  • Poor 3 out of 20 reviews
  • Very poor 1 out of 20 reviews


  • Adapting to my needs (7)
  • Getting new apprentices started (6)
  • Providing the right training at the right time (6)
  • Reporting on progress of apprentices (5)
  • Working with small numbers of apprentices (5)
  • Communication with employers (4)
  • Initial assessment of apprentices (4)
  • Improving apprentice skills (3)
  • Training facilities (3)

Things to improve

  • Communication with employers (11)
  • Reporting on progress of apprentices (7)
  • Initial assessment of apprentices (4)
  • Training facilities (4)
  • Getting new apprentices started (3)
  • Adapting to my needs (2)
  • Improving apprentice skills (1)
  • Providing the right training at the right time (1)
  • Working with small numbers of apprentices (1)

13 Apprenticeships offered

Apprenticeship Type Level View details
Compliance / risk officer Standard 3 Details
Customer Payments for Financial Products and Services Framework 2 Details
Financial services administrator Standard 3 Details
Financial services customer adviser Standard 2 Details
General Insurance Framework 2 Details
General Insurance Framework 3 Details
Human Resource Management Framework 5 Details
Insurance practitioner Standard 3 Details
Insurance professional Standard 4 Details
Operations / departmental manager Standard 5 Details
Senior financial services customer adviser Standard 3 Details
Senior Insurance Professional Standard 6 Details
Team leader / supervisor Standard 3 Details

Contact details

Phone number:
01264 749556

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