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e-Qualitas has been an ITT provider for over 15 years. We offer School Direct (salaried) and (tuition fee) places in primary and all secondary subjects. As a SCITT, we also offer provider-led places in primary and all secondary subjects. Most of the schools we work with are in London and the Home Counties, but we can cover a much wider area including East Anglia, the West Country and into the Midlands. The teacher apprenticeship training is school-based, supported by distance learning resources for independent study, a half-termly one-day visit by one of our specialist tutors, and 10-15 training days in central London (about 10 compulsory plus additional optional days). There is also training for the in-school trainers, both on-site and via one-day courses in central London.

What employers are saying

Based on 29 reviews from employers that work with this training provider.

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Overall rating from October 2018 to now

  • Excellent 8 out of 29 reviews
  • Good 20 out of 29 reviews
  • Poor 1 out of 29 reviews
  • Very poor 0 out of 29 reviews


  • Getting new apprentices started (16)
  • Initial assessment of apprentices (15)
  • Communication with employers (9)
  • Adapting to my needs (8)
  • Working with small numbers of apprentices (7)
  • Providing the right training at the right time (6)
  • Training facilities (4)
  • Improving apprentice skills (2)
  • Reporting on progress of apprentices (2)

Things to improve

  • Communication with employers (8)
  • Improving apprentice skills (4)
  • Getting new apprentices started (3)
  • Reporting on progress of apprentices (3)
  • Providing the right training at the right time (2)
  • Adapting to my needs (1)
  • Initial assessment of apprentices (1)
  • Training facilities (1)

1 Apprenticeships offered

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Teacher Standard 6 Details

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01892 513881

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