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Apprenticeship training course

Junior management consultant (level 4)

Provide business advice to public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

Qualification level
Equivalent to higher national certificate (HNC).
Typical duration
24 months
Apprenticeship category
Business and administration
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • business advisor
  • business consultant
  • continuity manager
  • manager
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • S1Communication skills: Speak and write clearly, influence others, actively listen, question effectively and structure conversations. Support or run meetings and clearly present a point of view to audiences. Communicate appropriately through a variety of channels and platforms
  • S2: Team working skills: Work effectively within a group environment made up of different personality types. Be aware of one’s own and other people’s emotions and use this understanding to guide decisions
  • S3: Business analysis: Use a range of tools and methodologies to help analyse an organisation (such as SWOT analysis). Undertake qualitative and quantitative research
  • S4: Relationship building: Build rapport and trust, maintain relationships once they are built and be able to repair them when they are damaged
  • S5: Personal management: Manage time effectively and prioritise workloads. Take time to reflect on project successes and learn from failure. Maintain good health and energy through a work / life balance
  • S6: Project management: Plan, organise and manage resources in order to achieve set goals. Help create objectives at the start of a project, support the development and implementation of project plans and help monitor progress. Proactively identify risks and issues and help create action plans to address these.
  • S7: IT technical capabilities: Be able to assist in the creation of reports, word processed documents, spreadsheets, slide decks for presentation and software for project management. These are the most prominent, though there are others depending on the consultancy
  • S8: Report writing: Help produce reports that clearly present recommendations for change using a range of qualitative information and numerical data

Full information on Junior management consultant (level 4) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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