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Apprenticeship training course

Barbering professional (level 2)

Demonstrate a range of barbering skills tailored to client requirements, whilst providing an outstanding service.

Qualification level
Equivalent to GCSE.
Typical duration
18 months
Apprenticeship category
Hair and beauty
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • Barber
  • Mens barber/ hairstylist
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Apply safe, hygienic and effective methods of working and infection control.
  • Identify and report problems which cannot be dealt with to the relevant person(s).
  • Use working methods that promote environmental and sustainable working practices.
  • Carry out front of house duties to support the barbershop business.
  • Promote yourself, your organisation, products and services via a variety of social channels.
  • Complete and maintain client records in accordance with legal and organisational requirements.
  • Use communication and etiquette that suits and is appropriate to the barbershop image and style.
  • Maintain the client’s privacy, comfort and welfare during a barbering service.
  • Work as part of a team to support the barbershop.
  • Advise clients (new and regular) pre, during and after service on the services, products available and maintenance.
  • Use a range of products, tools and equipment, adhering to legal and organisational requirements for safe use and storage.
  • Identify contraindications or limiting factors that are likely to affect or influence the service using observation and appropriate questioning techniques.
  • Carry out a consultation, examine and analyse the hair, skin and scalp.
  • Prepare the hair for barbering services.
  • Cut hair using a range of barbering cutting techniques, to create a variety of looks, taking account of factors influencing the service and the steps required to achieve the desired look.
  • Restyle hair by changing the length, bulk or shape to achieve a significant/clear different style.
  • Create basic outlines and detailing in hair.
  • Design, create and maintain a variety of facial hair shapes and looks.
  • Style and finish hair to create a variety of barbering looks.
  • Provide shaving and facial massage services safely.
  • Evaluate the results of the service.

Full information on Barbering professional (level 2) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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