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Apprenticeship training course

Service designer (level 6)

Improve or redesign services currently offered and develop or design new service propositions to meet the needs of the user as well as the business and other stakeholders.

Qualification level
Equivalent to degree.
Typical duration
24 months
Apprenticeship category
Business and administration
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • Experience designer
  • Human-centred designer
  • Service designer
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Champion and advocate the benefits of service design and user centred solutions.
  • Interpret, analyse, and challenge a design brief.
  • Systematically analyse and apply problem-solving techniques to complex service design challenges.
  • Use service design methods to design new propositions, products, and services, and improve existing ones.
  • Co-design, workshop, and facilitation of service design activities with stakeholders and users.
  • Map the current and future states of a service journey collating information from multiple sources to form a single view of the service.
  • Select, formulate and apply qualitative and quantitative user research methods and approaches.
  • Analyse and evaluate findings from qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand and prioritise user needs.
  • Evaluate arguments, assumptions, abstract concepts, and data to make judgements, and develop questions to achieve a solution to a problem.
  • Select and use ideation methods to generate multiple solutions to complex problems.
  • Prioritise potential solutions to select which to take forward to further development.
  • Prototype concepts and solutions from low to high degrees of fidelity.
  • Evaluate prototype solutions, selecting the most appropriate methodology.
  • Select, formulate and apply a range of user testing methods to ensure any service changes create the desired impact.
  • Apply user-centred design processes to iteratively develop concepts and solutions.
  • Evaluate solutions in place to continually improve the service for users and stakeholders.
  • Critically analyse, interpret and evaluate complex information and concepts.
  • Communicate complex information, concepts and ideas adapting for different audiences.
  • Influence, negotiate and challenge stakeholders in the delivery and decision-making process.
  • Considers multiple viewpoints including those of the internal stakeholders, service users and service providers.
  • Work with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Work ethically and sustainably, to ensure research and design activities are carried out to the highest practice in ethical standards.
  • Manage project to timescales and budget requirements.
  • Identify and apply emerging industry developments to continuously improve service design practice.
  • Provide support, specialist advice, and guidance.
  • Identify the training requirements for their teams and stakeholders.

Full information on Service designer (level 6) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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