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Apprenticeship training course

Advanced sports turf technician (level 3)

Ensure that public and private sports turf surfaces meet the requirements of the sport.

Qualification level
Equivalent to A level.
Typical duration
24 months
Apprenticeship category
Agriculture, environmental and animal care
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • Advanced golf greenkeeper
  • Advanced sports turf technician
  • Assistant head grounds person
  • Deputy course manager
  • Deputy head greenkeeper
  • Deputy head grounds person
  • First assistant greenkeeper
  • Pitch manager
  • Senior greenkeeper
  • Senior grounds person
  • Skilled grounds person
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security of self, team and others. Implement safe working practices in accordance with statutory legislation and regulations (including carrying out risk assessments).
  • Allocate work and supervise staff in accordance with agreed maintenance plans.
  • Oversee the preparation of playing surfaces in accordance with relevant governing body rules/regulations.
  • Monitor sports turf surfaces and oversee the control of weeds, pests, diseases and disorders to an agreed plan. Develop a basic Integrated Pest Management plan.
  • Develop a basic maintenance plan for the facility, for a determined time period (for example, preparation for key competitions or events).
  • Apply a range of turfgrass growth and plant protection products (pesticides) in line with the agreed plan.
  • Set run times and precipitation rates (irrigation) and drainage fall.
  • Apply a range of techniques to gather agronomic and playability data by recording, interpreting and communicating in suitable formats (for example, electronic soil moisture, salinity, pH probes, soil sampler, thermometer, surface firmness testing equipment and playability testing).
  • Evaluate sports turf surfaces and make recommendations for improvements based on findings.
  • Promote environmental best practice and sustainable working practices.
  • Estimate and programme resource requirements to meet the scope of the turfgrass maintenance plan.
  • Oversee the preparation, general maintenance and storage of machines for use.
  • Apply basic fault finding techniques in order to identify problems with powered machinery and equipment.
  • Source information from suppliers/distributors/dealers to inform selection or tender services and or resources.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the maintenance budgets.
  • Identify, evaluate, plan and prepare sites for renovation.
  • Supervise and monitor the renovation or establishment of a sports turf facility.
  • Communicate information to stakeholders utilising formal and informal methods.
  • Supervise meetings and brief colleagues.
  • Assist with the training and mentoring of staff.
  • Use information technology to assist with effective communication and record keeping.
  • Manage own Continuing Professional Development, keeping up to date with working practices, environmental developments and advances in technology.
  • Oversee and undertake the operation, maintenance and servicing of irrigation or drainage systems, including minor repairs and problem solving issues.

Full information on Advanced sports turf technician (level 3) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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