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Apprenticeship training course

Senior people professional (level 7)

Improve people practices in organisations in order to drive organisational performance and effectiveness.

Qualification level
Equivalent to master’s degree.
Typical duration
36 months
Apprenticeship category
Business and administration
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Design and implement a range of people policies, processes, approaches and practices in line with the organisations strategic plan, culture and values.
  • Identify and recognise the interventions an organisation needs to create the desired culture and behaviours.
  • Create and manage relevant budgets (for example HR and projects) and make balanced commercial decisions, recording them appropriately.
  • Design and contribute to the formulation and shaping of the People strategy and ensure alignment to organisational strategy.
  • Devise, analyse, interpret and offer insight into data and metrics and the insights they provide to the industry and organisation for the purpose of creating value.
  • Evaluate, identify and where appropriate select a technological/digital solution that will enhance current ways of working.
  • Question accepted practices and articulate the need for change, implementing change programmes where required (including diagnostics, options and methodologies).
  • Develop and implement people plans and integrated people practices in line with organisational and people strategy.
  • Ensure that people policies and practices are inclusive, recognising the impact on individuals and groups and supporting diversity.
  • Develop the management, coaching and mentoring capabilities utilising appropriate tools and methodologies.
  • Select and apply a range of consulting processes, styles and diagnostic tools appropriate to the role.
  • Align and evaluate worker voice tools and approaches and drive forward the outputs.
  • Select appropriate project management methodologies and resources in order to plan, lead and deliver complex projects (often as part of wider programmes) including the management of risk.
  • Influence senior leaders in order to position the people strategy at the heart of the business and ensure it is considered when decisions are taken across the organisation. Manage complex relationships across multiple and diverse stakeholders, building trust and rapport with the ability to positively challenge. Lead beyond area of control/authority and influence, negotiate and use advocacy skills to build reputation and effective collaborations.
  • Present complex information (which may include difficult messages) selecting channels that are tailored to the audience and can be clearly understood, including across the organisational boundaries, cultures and other disciplines.

Full information on Senior people professional (level 7) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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