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Apprenticeship training course

Chartered manager (degree) (level 6)

Taking responsibility for long-term organisational success, managing people, projects, operations or services.

Qualification level
Equivalent to degree.
Typical duration
48 months
Apprenticeship category
Business and administration
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • delivery manager
  • Head of Department
  • Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • project manager
  • Senior Manager
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Support the development of organisational strategies and plans. Develop and deliver operational plans; being able to set targets and KPIs, manage resources, and monitor and measure outcomes to establish operational effectiveness, efficiencies and excellence.   Produce reports that clearly present information and data, using a range of interpretation and analytical processes.  Gain wide support to deliver successful outcomes
  • Plan, organise and manage resources in order to achieve organisational goals.  Identify key outcomes, develop and implement plans and monitor progress, and provide reports as required.  Proactively identify risk and create plans for their mitigation. Able to initiate, lead and drive change within the organisation, identifying barriers/challenges and how to overcome them. Ability to use widely recognised project management tools
  • Managing budgets, controlling expenditure and production of financial reports
  • Use of customer insight and analysis of data to determine and drive customer service outcomes and improve customer relationships.  Creative approaches to developing solutions to meet customer need
  • Able to identify service/organisational improvements and opportunities for innovation and growth, using qualitative and quantitative analysis of information and data and benchmarking against others
  • Communicate clearly, effectively and regularly using oral, written and digital channels and platforms.  Use active listening and open questioning to structure conversations and discussions, and able to challenge when appropriate.  Manage and chair meetings and clearly present actions and outcomes. Ability to apply influencing and persuading skills, to the dynamics and politics of personal interactions
  • Able to articulate organisational purpose and values.  Support the creation of an inclusive, high performance work culture. Enable others to achieve by developing and supporting them through coaching and mentoring
  • Able to build teams, empower and motivate others to improve performance or achieve outcomes.  Able to delegate to others, provide clear guidance and monitor progress. Ability to set goals and accountabilities
  • Able to build rapport and trust, develop networks and maintain relationships with people from a range of cultures, backgrounds and levels.  Able to contribute within a team environment.  Effectively influence and negotiate, being able to have challenging conversations and give constructive feedback.  Work collaboratively with internal and external customers and suppliers
  • Able to reflect on own performance, identifying and acting on learning and development needs. Ability to understand impact on others.  Can manage stress and personal well-being, and confident in knowing core values and drivers
  • Able to create personal development plan, and use widely recognised tools and techniques to ensure the management of time and pressure effectively, and prioritisation and strategic alignment of activities
  • Use evidence-based tools and ethical approaches to undertake problem solving and critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation to support decision making

Full information on Chartered manager (degree) (level 6) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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