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Apprenticeship training course

Associate continuing healthcare practitioner (level 5)

Planning and commissioning care for people with complex health and social care needs.

Qualification level
Equivalent to higher national diploma (HND).
Typical duration
24 months
Apprenticeship category
Health and science
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • To make appropriate referrals of an individual into the continuing healthcare service via a standard or fast-track referral pathway, using the mandated screening tools as per national policy, rejecting and redirecting any inappropriate referrals.
  • To formulate, monitor and reassess person-centred, evidence based health and social care plan, delegated by registered practitioner, ensuring commissioned services maintain optimal independence and health and social care outcomes where possible and continues to meet the needs of the individual.
  • Take appropriate action where change in health or social care need requires screening, referral or further multi-disciplinary teams assessment to establish ongoing continuing healthcare eligibility.
  • Co-ordinate routine planning and management of referral, discharge or transition of care between professionals, settings or services.
  • Protect health through applying the principles of infection prevention and control.
  • Communicate and provide information in an accessible way that is sensitive and appropriate, using a range of skills and strategies with colleagues and people at all stages of life and with a range of mental, physical, cognitive and behavioural challenges recognising common barriers to communication.
  • Utilise report writing skills to formulate clear and evidence based multidisciplinary team recommendations.
  • Develop, manage and maintain appropriate relationships and rapport with people, their families, carers, colleagues and providers.
  • Facilitate discussions with individuals and their families to set an indicative Personal health budget.
  • Identify responsible commissioner for individuals referred into the continuing healthcare service.
  • Commission a package of care for an individual eligible for continuing healthcare, under the supervision of a clinical professional.
  • Manage and prioritise competing demands, prioritising workload based on level of risk.
  • Process referrals in a timely manner.
  • In a range of settings, recognise where people could be at risk, including from neglect, and take appropriate action to report potential risk for assessment.
  • Commission safe, effective and person-centred health and social care packages for people who have co-morbidities and complex care needs, under the supervision of a clinical professional.
  • Participate in data collection to support service delivery evaluation, audit or assurance activity to identify appropriate quality improvement activities or any gaps within the provider market.
  • Works within limits of own competence, experience and training, delegating tasks and escalating issues and duties appropriately.
  • Act as an advocate for the individual.
  • Use facilitation and co-ordination skills to make best use of the contributions of others across the multidisciplinary team for the purposes of a lawful assessment or review.
  • Apply the principles of effective leadership.
  • Act as a role model to colleagues, supervising and providing feedback about behaviour and actions of others, motivating them to reflect on and develop their practice.
  • Ensure the wellbeing and resilience needs of the team are met and recognise signs of vulnerability in themselves or their colleagues.
  • Act in accordance with legislation, national guidance and local policy at all times.
  • Can proactively engage with the individual or representative to support an amicable and lawful resolution of conflict or disagreement.
  • Identify and collate documents and evidence demonstrating current health and social care need from all professionals involved in the care of the individual, for lawful assessment or review of health and social care need to be undertaken.
  • Use a range of digital technologies to access, input, share and apply information and data within teams and between agencies.
  • Complete, store and retain accurate and contemporaneous records and data.
  • The ability to read, interpret and understand clinical records and notes.

Full information on Associate continuing healthcare practitioner (level 5) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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