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Apprenticeship training course

Advanced clinical practitioner (integrated degree) (level 7)

Providing clinical care and treatment to patients.

Qualification level
Equivalent to master’s degree.
Typical duration
36 months
Apprenticeship category
Health and science
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Practise with a high level of autonomy and be accountable for your decisions and omissions; work in line with your code of professional conduct, professional standards and scope of practice
  • Assess individuals and families using person-centred approaches and a range of assessment methods, for example including history taking, holistic examination, requesting and interpreting diagnostic tests or conducting health and care needs assessments
  • Use multi-agency and inter-professional resources, critical thinking, independent decision-making skills, problem solving skills and professional judgement to formulate and act on potential diagnoses
  • Assess individuals for risk factors and their impact on health and wellbeing; facilitate and encourage individuals to manage their own health and make informed choices; support individuals with an ongoing plan for preventative and rehabilitative measures
  • Use expertise in clinical reasoning to plan and manage day to day, complex and unpredictable episodes of care; evaluate events to improve future care and service delivery; discharge or refer appropriately to other services
  • Initiate and evaluate a range of interventions which may include prescribing of medicines, therapies and care
  • Ensure safety of individuals and families through the appropriate management of risk
  • Seek out and apply contemporary, high-quality evidence-based resources and existing and emerging technology as appropriate.
  • Recognise and respond to individuals’ motivation, development stage and capacity; work in partnership to empower individuals to participate in decisions about care designed to maximise their health and wellbeing
  • Assess own learning needs and engage in self-directed learning to maximise potential to lead and transform care and services
  • Work collaboratively to identify and meet the learning and development needs of health or care professionals; support practice education; act as a role model and mentor
  • Advocate and contribute to the development of an organisational culture that supports life-long learning and development, evidence-based practice and succession planning.
  • Demonstrate the impact of advanced clinical practice within your scope of practice and the wider community
  • Use your advanced clinical expertise to provide consultancy across professional and service boundaries; drive service development and influence clinical practices to enhance quality productivity and value
  • Provide professional leadership and supervision in situations that are complex and unpredictable; instill confidence and clinical credibility in others; work across boundaries to promote person-centred care
  • Actively seek and participate in peer review of your own and others’ practice across traditional health and social care boundaries
  • Identify the need for change; generate practice innovations; act as a role model; lead new practice and service redesign solutions in response to individuals’ feedback and service need
  • Establish and exercise your individual scope of practice within legal, ethical, professional and organisational policies, procedures and codes of conduct to manage risk and enhance the care experience
  • Identify and manage risk in own and others’ clinical practice; be receptive to challenge and demonstrate the ability to challenge others.
  • Engage in research activity; develop and apply evidence-based strategies that are evaluated to enhance the quality, safety, productivity and value for money of health and care
  • Evaluate and audit your own and others’ clinical practice and act on the findings
  • Alert individuals and organisations to gaps in evidence; initiate and/or lead evidence-based activity that aims to enhance clinical practice and contribute to the evidence base; support others to develop their research capability
  • Critically appraise and synthesise the outcomes of research, evaluation and audit; apply this within your own and others’ practice; act as a bridge between clinical and research practice; promote the use of evidence-based standards, policies and clinical guidelines
  • Develop and implement robust governance systems and systematic documentation processes
  • Disseminate your work through appropriate media to further advance clinical practices.

Full information on Advanced clinical practitioner (integrated degree) (level 7) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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