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Employer reviews

Good (533 reviews)

Employer review details
Statement Percentage of employers that selected this as a "strength" Percentage of employers that selected this as "needs improvement" Total number of employers that selected this statement
Communication with employers 40% 60% 389
Reporting on progress of apprentices 14% 86% 276
Getting new apprentices started 83% 17% 223
Improving apprentice skills 85% 15% 174
Providing the right training at the right time 78% 22% 164
Training facilities 95% 5% 134
Initial assessment of apprentices 79% 21% 119
Working with small numbers of apprentices 93% 7% 110
Adapting to my needs 45% 55% 97

Apprentice reviews

Good (160 reviews)

Apprentice review details
Statement Percentage of apprentices that agreed with this statement Percentage of apprentices that disagreed with this statement
Communicating clearly with you 50% 50%
Ensuring you understand the requirements of your end-point assessment 62% 38%
Statement Percentage of apprentices that agreed with this statement Percentage of apprentices that disagreed with this statement
Organising well-structured training 64% 36%
Providing accessible training resources 86% 14%
Balancing online learning with classroom-based training to suit your apprenticeship 72% 28%
Taking into account your previous learning 73% 27%
Giving you relevant training that helps you perform your job better 76% 24%
Providing Off The Job training that takes up at least 20% of your total apprenticeship time 85% 15%
Statement Percentage of apprentices that agreed with this statement Percentage of apprentices that disagreed with this statement
Helping you learn new skills and develop existing ones 88% 12%
Supporting you and your apprenticeship 74% 26%
Resolving any issues you have 67% 33%
Preparing you for success in your future career 78% 22%

Provider overview

Sheffield Hallam University is one of the UK's largest universities with exceptional learning and research facilities,over 31,000 students, around 4,500 staff and almost 700 courses, of which more than half offer integrated practice or work placement opportunities.Our mission is simple,

We transform lives. We do this by shaping our students' futures and preparing them for whatever they choose to do, and by creating knowledge that provides practical solutions to real world challenges.

We have a proven track record in designing work-based learning programmes for employers across a range of industries, utilising experts with real world experience and applied knowledge. This has enabled us to be at the forefront of developing apprenticeships.

Courses offered

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Advanced clinical practitioner (integrated degree) (level 7)
Architect (integrated degree) (level 7)
Chartered manager (degree) (level 6)
Chartered surveyor (degree) (level 6)
Chartered town planner (degree) (level 7)
Construction design and build technician (level 4)
Construction quantity surveying technician (level 4)
Construction quantity surveyor (degree) (level 6)
Construction site management (degree) (level 6)
Construction site supervisor (level 4)
Control systems engineer (degree) (level 6)
Creative digital design professional (integrated degree) (level 6)
Design and construction management (degree) (level 6)
Diagnostic radiographer (level 6)
Dietitian (level 6)
Digital and technology solutions professional (level 6)
Digital and technology solutions specialist (integrated degree) (level 7)
Digital user experience (UX) professional (integrated degree) (level 6)
Electrical or electronic technical support engineer (degree) (level 6)
Embedded electronic systems design and development engineer (degree) (level 6)
Food and drink advanced engineer (integrated degree) (level 6)
Food industry technical professional (integrated degree) (level 6)
Healthcare science practitioner (integrated degree) (level 6)
Manufacturing engineer (degree) (level 6)
Materials science technologist (degree) (level 6)
Occupational therapist (level 6)
Operating department practitioner (level 6)
Packaging professional (integrated degree) (level 6)
Physiotherapist (level 6)
Police constable (integrated degree) (level 6)
Product design and development engineer (degree) (level 6)
Rail and rail systems senior engineer (integrated degree) (level 6)
Senior leader (level 7)
Social worker (integrated degree) (level 6)
Sonographer (integrated degree) (level 6)
Supply chain leadership professional (integrated degree) (level 6)
Therapeutic radiographer (level 6)
Apprenticeship training course

Senior leader (level 7)

65% achievement rate (out of 210 apprentices)

55% national achievement rate

Explain achievement rate
The percentage of apprentices who successfully achieved their apprenticeship when trained by this provider on a course in this subject area. This rate uses data from the 2022 to 2023 academic year.

Apprenticeship location

L18 Liverpool Remove location


Head office

City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB

  • not available At apprentice’s workplace
  • not available Day release
  • available Block release: 59.7 miles away

Block release address

1 Howard Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 1WB

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SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY is 1 of 148 training providers for Senior leader (level 7) at the apprenticeship location.

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