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Apprenticeship training course

Project controls technician (level 3)

Analysing progress and performance data on engineering, manufacturing, construction and infrastructure projects.

Qualification level
Equivalent to A level.
Typical duration
36 months
Apprenticeship category
Engineering and manufacturing
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • data analyst
  • data performance manager
  • project control technician
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Develop work breakdown and coding structures to meet the scope laid out in the projects’ technical information and specification, ensuring that the controls will monitor project progress and performance accurately.
  • Manage data: source, retrieve, check, edit, format, record and analyse data – using it to create relevant time, cost and resource reports.
  • Estimate: develop cost estimates for defined scopes of work, create appropriate benchmarks, analyse quotes from sub- contractors and suppliers, and input to tenders and the early stages of projects.
  • Schedule and plan: break down the scope into activities to create a logical linked control schedule to input to the development of outline and integrated plans and baseline schedules; identify critical milestones; gather accurate progress data for controlling the schedule; and monitor progress.
  • Cost engineer and control: prepare control budgets, carry out cost control activities, gather and interpret cost data, monitor progress on a regular basis, interpret trends and forecasts; keep in line with contractual requirements, maintain baselines; ensure accurate reporting and control.
  • Monitor progress/performance and analyse data: associated with milestones, schedules, progress, manpower, resource and costs; undertake earned value analysis, create progress reports and identify variances from plan and likely consequences if no corrective action is taken.
  • Use computer based technology: model potential trends and resource use etc. using the right software package for the right task.
  • Problem solve: recommend early corrective actions to reduce variances, identify issues and risks, present and maintain related action plans and contingencies.
  • Effectively communicate: with good interpersonal skills and share the right information with the right people in an appropriate format to enable effective project control.
  • Input to project closeout: generate key benchmarks and outturns including lessons learnt.
  • Observe and apply professional ethics, and maintain a duty of care.
  • Apply safety in the context of the role: comply with relevant national and international health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Work in accordance with company management systems, policies and procedures: especially those relating to quality, data security, risk, change and document management.

Full information on Project controls technician (level 3) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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