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Apprenticeship training course

Bespoke saddler (level 3)

Making and repairing saddlery products.

Qualification level
Equivalent to A level.
Typical duration
24 months
Apprenticeship category
Creative and design
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • Equestrian equipment repairer
  • Horse equipment maker
  • Saddle producer
  • Saddler
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Assess given measurements from the horse to produce a cutting list showing both cut and made-up measurements, the amount of leather and fittings required.
  • Produce the patterns for the saddlery product(s) in readiness to cut material components.
  • Safely select, use, maintain and store equipment and materials; for example, correct storage of patterns, sharpening tools, purchasing materials and stock control.
  • Identify and minimise hazards and risks in the workplace to maintain work procedures ensuring health and safety requirements are met.
  • Maintain comprehensive records relating to the manufacture and repair of saddlery.
  • Discuss and advise on the type of leather for a specific use.
  • Carry out effective customer care.
  • Develop and maintain good communication skills with colleagues in order to ensure a productive work environment.
  • Prepare materials and fittings for the saddlery product.
  • Have overall responsibility for the finish and suitability of the completed saddlery product.
  • Follow clear instructions from relevant colleagues in order to meet customer requirements.
  • (When repairing a saddlery product), assess product and implement the appropriate sustainable method to remedy the problem.
  • Implement efficient and effective use of resources, time and materials.
  • Select, prepare and test tools and machinery, including adjustments for different leathers, materials and fittings.
  • Identify the correct materials, threads and fittings for the task and use in accordance with both customer requirements and company processes.
  • Recognise faults in leather, materials, threads and fittings.
  • During manufacture implement technical processes. For example, cut, edge, stain, crease, punch, prick mark and skive all components where necessary and applicable.
  • Assemble components in order of the manufacturing process in readiness for stitching.
  • When hand stitching saddlery products, double hand and single/back stitch where appropriate for appearance and durability.
  • Machine stitch a variety of different materials used in bridle and saddle manufacture.
  • (When bridle making), recrease and block all keepers as necessary.
  • Punch the correct size and style of hole for the fittings required for the saddlery product.
  • Clean and polish all edges.
  • (When saddle making), flock panels smoothly, evenly and to the correct specification.
  • Assemble completed saddlery product, maintaining the quality of hand craft skills and ensuring functionality.

Full information on Bespoke saddler (level 3) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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