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Apprenticeship training course

Dairy technologist (level 5)

Providing expert technical advice and support on a variety of aspects of dairy production and activities.

Qualification level
Equivalent to higher national diploma (HND).
Typical duration
36 months
Apprenticeship category
Health and science
Maximum funding
Maximum amount government will fund
for apprenticeship training.
Also known as
  • Cheese specialist
  • Dairy process manager
  • Dairy quality analyst
  • Dairy quality assurance manager
  • Dairy quality control manager
  • Dairy quality leader or co-ordinator
  • Dairy research and development manager
  • Dairy specialist
  • Dairy technologist
  • Qesh (quality environment health and safety) co-ordinator
  • Quality manager
  • Technical manager
Skills an apprentice will learn
  • Apply food safety management systems.
  • Apply food and dairy hygiene practice principles.
  • Comply with food safety regulations and procedures.
  • Comply with health and safety regulations, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Comply with environmental regulations, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Apply sustainable working practices. For example, efficient use of resources, waste minimisation.
  • Apply quality control processes.
  • Apply extended knowledge of underlying dairy concepts.
  • Identify, review and evaluate, and select scientific techniques, procedures, and methods in the context of new and different areas of work.
  • Apply scientific techniques, procedures, and methods to undertake tasks.
  • Apply engineering concepts and principles to analyse dairy performance.
  • Collect data. Analyse, interpret, and evaluate data, scientific and technology information, concepts, and ideas including use of statistical methods.
  • Apply changes to dairy processing unit operations.
  • Apply problem solving techniques, identifying issues. Propose solutions to problems.
  • Use continuous improvement techniques and make recommendations.
  • Apply project management techniques: planning and prioritising tasks, organising resources, managing stakeholders and risk management.
  • Conduct environmental impact assessments.
  • Develop technical written content. For example, operating procedures, working instructions, and reports.
  • Communicate with others for example, colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. Use industry terminology where appropriate.
  • Create and deliver presentations.
  • Negotiate with and influence colleagues or stakeholders; manage conflict.
  • Use information and digital technology.
  • Identify training needs. Coach individuals.

Full information on Dairy technologist (level 5) is available from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

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